Olufunmilayo Olopade, M.D.


  • Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Medicine and Human Genetics, Section of Hematology/Oncology

  • Director, Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

  • Director, Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics and Global Health

  • Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor, Cancer Research Center

  • Associate Dean for Global Health

  • Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor, Committee on Cancer Biology

  • Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor, Committee on Genetics

  • Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor, Committee of Clinical & Translational Science


M.D./B.S. Medicine Univeristy of Ibadan, 1980


The University of Chicago
KCBD 8100
900 East 57th Street 
Chicago, Illinois 60637


Phone:  (773) 702-1632

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Molecular Genetics of Breast Cancer, Tumor Suppressor Genes, Mechanisms of Oncogene Amplification


Dr. Olopade's laboratory has sought to identify and characterize genes relevant to tumor progression, determine their role in inherited susceptibility, and perform genetic epidemiologic analyses translatable to clinical practice. The laboratory is also focused on understanding epigenetic mechanisms underlying abnormal gene expression including aberrant CpG-island-promoter methylation of specific tumor suppressor genes, global changes in genomic DNA methylation, and alterations in histone modification (deacetylation and methylation). Our primary tumor model is breast cancer.


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