John Alverdy, M.D.


  • Professor, Department of Surgery, Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition
  • Director, Center for the Surgical Treatment of Obesity
  • Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery & Surgical Treatment of Obesity Programs


MD, Autonomous University, Guadalajara, Mexico


The University of Chicago
5841 South Maryland Avenue
AMB G201/MC 6090
Chicago, IL  60637

Website (Institute for Molecular Engineering)


As chief of the University of Chicago Medical Center's Surgical Obesity Program, Dr. John Alverdy oversees one of the most active weight loss programs in the area. He is a nationally recognized surgeon and has vast experience in weight loss surgery--both traditional and laparoscopic.

Considered a surgical innovator, Dr. Alverdy was the first surgeon in the area to perform gastric bypass surgery and duodenal switch surgery using minimally invasive laparoscope techniques.

Dr. Alverdy is also an expert in other abdominal surgeries, including the surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, hernias, colorectal diseases, and biliary tract disease.

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