Vinay Kumar, M.B.B.S., M.D., FRCPath


  • Donald N. Pritzker Professor, Pritzker Medical School, Committee on Immunology, Committee on Molecular Medicine/MPMM

  • Chairman, Department of Pathology


M.D., All India Inst. Medical School, 1972

Ph.D., New Delhi, 1972


The University of Chicago
SBRI S329, (MC 3083)
5841 South Maryland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Phone:  (773) 702-0647

Website (Dept. of Pathology)


Cellular and molecular biology of murine natural killer (NK) cells

Our laboratory is interested in the cellular and molecular biology of murine natural killer (NK) cells. These cells are believed to act as the first line of defense against tumors and viral infections. In addition they secrete a variety of cytokines including 1FN-g and GM-CSF that can influence the inflammatory response. Two aspects of NK cell biology are of particular interest to us: the development of NK cells from multipotent progenitor cells, and the identification of NK cell receptors and their ligands.

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