Victoria Prince, Ph.D.


  • Associate Dean and Director, Office of Graduate Affairs
  • Professor; Department of Organismal Biology & Anatomy, Committee on Developmental Biology, Committee on Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology, Committee on Neurobiology, Committee on Molecular Metabolism & Nutrition


Ph.D., University College, London, 1991
B.Sc., Imperial College, London, 1986


The University of Chicago
CH 203
1025 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Phone: (773) 834-2100

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A major area of interest in the Prince lab is zebrafish pancreas development.  Like the mammalian pancreas the zebrafish pancreas comprises both endocrine cells, the pancreatic islets responsible for blood sugar homeostasis, and exocrine cells, which function in digestion. In addition, development of the zebrafish pancreas is well conserved with mammals. The zebrafish therefore provides a useful model system in which to study pancreas development. In ongoing projects we are focusing on understanding the mechanisms through which pancreatic progenitors are specified from undifferentiated endoderm, and in particular the roles of signaling molecules such as retinoic acid in this process.  Insights from normal development can inform protocols to differentiate stem cells into pancreatic islets in vitro. Such islets will eventually be useful for transplantation therapies to cure diabetes. In addition, we are using the zebrafish pancreas to assess cellular phenotypes caused by mutant variants of human insulin that have been isolated from patients with neonatal diabetes.

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