Student Life in the Biomedical Sciences

  • Student Life in the Biomedical Sciences

    Students in the Biomedical Sciences graduate programs have opportunities to take advantage of numerous on- and off-campus events and programs

The majority of graduate students, as well as 60% of UChicago faculty, live in the neighborhood of Hyde Park. With its walkable, tree-lined streets and college-town vibe, connected to downtown and the rest of the city by excellent public transportation, Hyde Park offers both the imtimacy of a residential neighborhood and the advantages of city life. Affordable housing options for graduate students and their families, including University owned graduate student housing, makes it easy to live in close proximity to campus. 



"Hyde Park is the neighborhood for me. The atmosphere here is conducive to study but not isolated. When I feel like a night out I head to old favorites (Jimmy's or The Cove) or check out one of the new night spots on 53rd Street. Or I can catch the #6 in front of my apartment and meet a friend for a drink in the loop within 15 minutes." 
-Benjamin Casterline, ISTP Student

Outside of the classroom, there are plenty of opportunities for students to exercise the same energy, passion, and curiousity that they bring to their studies. Current Biomed students participate in a wide range of activities on campus and throughout the city of Chicago



Many students with musical inclinations get together with fellow students to form bands. Each year the Biological Sciences Division's Dean's Council sponsors a Battle of the Bands at Reggie's, and student bands have frequently played at the annual Biomedical Sciences Cluster Retreat.

"Playing in a band allows me to meet other scientists, to recharge after a long stressful day, and to fill the community with positive energy!"
-Kevin Lei, Immunology Student


"Participating in IM sports as a graduate student is a fantastic way to exercise our bodies and competitive spirits. The relationships you can foster through this league transcend the field and make graduate school a fun, holistic experience."
-Amelia Joslin, Metabolism student

The Chicago Innovation Exchange and myCHOICE Program

The Chicago Innovation Exchange is the University of Chicago's new center to help scholars and entrepreneurs translate their ideas and new technologies into start-up businesses and products. 
"The Chicago Innovation Exchange has given me the opportunity to interact with startups and see how companies are built from the ground up."
-Mike Burrows, Immunology student

The myCHOICE program is a recently implemented program that was designed to help students pursue diverse career paths after graduation. Students may attend seminars and workshops focused on a variety of science-related career options (academy, biotechnology, science communications, etc), may enroll in mini-courses in these professional fields, and finally, complete internships or externships. 




"I have really benefitted from the myCHOICE program. Through this program, I have been able to secure a prestigious internship with the University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences News and Media Office without interrupting my research. My internship has afforded me opportunities I would never have gotten elsewhere. I've had hands on experience as a science writer interviewing some of the top professors at UChicago and a profesisonal portfolio as a result. Thanks to myCHOICE, I have a firmer understanding of what career I want to pursue and concrete accomplishments that will help me get there."
-Hannah Brechka, Cancer Biology Student

Community Service

Some students use their free time to help out in the surrounding community. The UCSC's Volunteer Referral staff connects students to the city of Chicago through volunteer experiences. 


Our graduate student community is a diverse and inclusive group and there are many avenues to engage with peers both in and out of the classroom. Student resources include diversity offices, services, opportunities, and many cultural/affinity student groups. 

Spiritual Life

Many students participate in spiritual life at UChicago and the Hyde Park area is home to more than 40 religious institutions.