Melody Swartz, Ph.D.


  • William B. Ogden Professor, Institute for Molecular Engineering

  • Professor, Committee on Immunology


B.S., Chemical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 1991
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998



Swartz's research focuses on how lymphatic vessels, and their transport functions, contribute to adaptive immunity. Biomedical scientists currently regard the fluid-drainage function of the lymphatic system as mostly important for maintaining tissue fluid balance. The cell transport functions, which regulate immunity, are considered separately. 

She is trying to build a new picture of the lymphatic function -- namely, that not only are fluid and cell transport functions of the lymphatic vessels strongly coupled, but that the fluid transport functions are very important in regulating immune responses.

Swartz's team also is trying to target lymphatic vessels for improved cancer immunotherapy because this is one aspect of the tumor microenvironment that seems to contribute to therapeutic failure. 

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