Marian Elliott Koshland Memorial Lecture

The Marian Elliott Koshland Memorial Lecture was established by the Division of the Biological Sciences and her late husband, Daniel E. Koshland Jr., PhD'49. The Koshlands met at Chicago, where they spent the early years of their marriage and careers. They shared a lifelong dedication to science, education, and five children. The lecture is presented annually to commemorate Marian Koshland's scientific leadership and to honor her association with the University. A list of past speakers include:

2015 Michael Reth (University of Freiburg)
2014 Koshland Symposium: ART (Avoidance, Resistance, Tolerance) of Pathogen Handling: Judith Allen (University of Edinburgh), Thomas Bosch (University of Kiel), Sylvia Cremer (Institute of Science and Technology, Austria), Val Curtis (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Jeff Dangl (University of North Carolina), Mark Feinberg (Merck), Dennis Kim (MIT), Ruslan Medzhitov (Yale University), David Schneider (Stanford University), Meredith schuman (Max Planck Institute), Herbert Skip Virgin IV (Washington University), Miguel Soares (Institute Gulbenkian)
2013 Emil Unanue (Washington University)
2012 Ronald Germain (National Institutes of Health)
2011 Max Cooper (Emory University)
2010 Diane Mathis (Harvard University)
2009 Richard M. Locksley (University of California, San Francisco)
2008 Shigekazo Nagata (Kyoto University)
2007 Ruslan Medzhitov (Yale University), Samuel Miller (University of Washington), Michael Karin (University of California, San Diego), Vishva Dixit (Genentech)
2006 Jurg Tschopp (University of Lausanne)
2005 Tasuku Honjo (Kyoto University)
2004 Frederick Alt (Harvard University)
2003 Klaus Rajewsky (Harvard University)
2002 Kathryn Lee Calame (Columbia University)
2001 Harold Von Boehmer (Harvard University)
2000 Arthur Weiss (University of California, San Francisco)
1998 Frank Fitch (University of Chicago)