Julian Solway, M.D.


  • Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Medicine Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care, Department of Pediatrics, Cancer Research Center, Committee on Molecular Medicine/MPMM, Committee of Clinical & Translational Science, Committee on Cell Physiology

  • Director, Pulmonary Medical Services, Pulmonary Function Laboratory, and Asthma Center


M.D., Harvard University, 1978

B.S., Massachusetts Institute of 
     Technology, 1974


The University of Chicago

AMB M644, (MC 6026)
5815 South Maryland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637


Phone:  (773) 702-6790

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Molecular mechanisms underlying airway constrictor hyperresponsiveness in asthma

Dr. Solway's laboratory addresses molecular mechanisms underlying airway constrictor hyperresponsiveness in asthma, including 1) Regulation of smooth muscle gene expression (with focus on SRF and GATA5); 2) Evaluation of mutations and mechanisms underlying heritable cholinergic hyperresponsiveness in a kindred of ENU-mutagenized mice; 3) Functional genetics of asthma, (consequences of genetic variations and transcriptional analysis of endobronchial biopsies); 4) Molecular mechanisms that regulate the mechanical plasticity-elasticity (taffy-like vs. rubber band-like) balance in contracted airway smooth muscle.


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