Jerrold Turner, M.D., Ph.D.


  • Associate Chair, Department of Pathology
  • Sara and Harold Lincoln Thompson Professor, Committee on Molecular Medicine/MPMM, Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology, Graduate Program in Biophysical Sciences
  • Senior Fellow, Institute for Integrative Physiology


Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
M.D., Case Western Reserve University


The University of Chicago
AMB P309, (MC 1089)
5841 South Maryland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Phone:  (773) 702-2433

Lab Website

Website (Dept. of Pathology)


Tight Junctions and Epithelial Barrier Function

Work in the Turner lab focuses on how epithelia establish, maintain, and regulate barriers. This fundamental property is essential for survival of multicellular organisms and allows controlled interactions with the external environment and compartmentalization of distinct tissues. The structure that maintains these barriers and regulates flux between cells is the tight junction. The primary goal is to understand the biology of the tight junction at a both fundamental and translational levels. 

The multidisciplinary approach used integrates cell biology, transport physiology, electrophysiology, structural biology, molecular biology, and mucosal immunology to define tight junction structure and function; understand mechanisms of regulation in vitro and in vivo models; determine the contributions of barrier dysfunction to gastrointestinal disease; understand the role of the epithelial barrier in regulating other mucosal processes, e.g. immune responses; and develop novel means to correct barrier function and restore health.

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