J. Michael Millis, M.D.


  • Chief, Section of Transplantation
  • Director, The University of Chicago Transplant Center Department of Neurobiology
  • Professor, Committee on Molecular Metabolism & Nutrition


M.D., University of Tennessee, 1985


The University of Chicago
AMB J517/ MC 5027
5841 South Maryland Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60637


Phone: (773) 702-6319

Website (Department of Medicine)


Investigating how hepatocyte transplantation, extracorporeal assist technology, and stem cells can assist in the care of patients with liver disease or liver tumors.

Dr. Michael Millis is an expert in adult and pediatric transplant surgery. His clinical interests include liver transplantation and hepatobiliary surgery. He has performed more liver transplants than any other surgeon in the region. Dr. Millis has pioneered new techniques of operating on the liver, and his innovations have helped the University of Chicago perform more liver transplants than any other program in the region over the past 15 years.

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