Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition News

Congratulations to Alex Bobe

On July 11, 2017 Alex successfully defended her dissertation, entitled “Exploring the Role of Gut Microbiota as Modifiers of Autoimmune Pathogenesis in Interleukin-10 Deficient Mice”.  Well Done Alex!

Congratulations to Sully Fernandez

On September 14th Sully successfully defended her dissertation, entitled "The effects of a high fat diet on mammary gland biology in a model of triple-negative breast cancer”.  Well Done Sully!

Congratulations to Noelle Patno

On May 1st Noelle successfully defended her dissertation, entitled " Microbially-Regulated Intestinal Epithelial HMGB1: Stress, Cellular Energy Production and Survival” Well done Noelle.

Congratulations to Jason Torres

 On Wednesday, May 4th, 2016, Jason successfully defended his dissertation, entitled "Leveraging Expression Quantitative Trait Loci to Elucidate the Genetic Architecture of Type 2 Diabetes."  Upon graduation Jason will be moving to the UK to begin a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Oxford.  He will be working with Mark McCarthy at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human genetics investigating the molecular consequences of genetic mutations that increase risk for type 2 diabetes in pancreatic islet cells.  Well Done Jason! 

Congratulations Suzanne Devkota

Suzanne Devkota 2012 CMMN alumni was recently appointed Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology at Cedars-Sinai

34th Annual Lydia J. Roberts Memorial Lecture

On April 19th, Jacqueline M. Stephens, Ph.D. presented "Emerging Roles of the JAK-STAT Pathway in Metabolic Disease States" as part of the 34th Annual Lydia J. Roberts Memorial Lecture.  Pictured here at dinner following the lecture are: Speaker: Jacqueline M. Stephens, University of Chicago Faculty: Matthew Brady, Kate Reardon and  Erin Hanlon.   Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition Graduate Students: Danika Bakke, Alex Bobe, Anna Chen, Sully Fernandez, Alex Hoffman, Marianna Johnson, Amelia Joslin, Jonathan Kahn, Noelle Patno, Rashika Rangaraj, Daniel Ruiz, Inderroop Singh, Jordan Strober, Jason Torres and Jeremy White, Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine Student:  Andrew Kirkley.  

First Years Attend Quantitative Boot Camp at Marine Biology Laboratories

Incoming graduate students gathered at the Marine Biology Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA for the BSD Quantitative Biology Boot Camp from September 4-11, 2015. Twelve hour days filled with tutorials on everything from R programming to analyzing microscope images to choosing a PI gave students the skills and knowledge they'll need to navigate their first year in grad school.

All students in the Biological Sciences Division attended this intensive course, designed to introduce students to concepts that will be beneficial to them in their thesis research.

One CCB first year stated: "I would say the boot camp was full of challenges as well as excitement. I met a lot of new students from different programs, and it was interesting to see how we interpreted the same question from different and unique perspectives. Learning R language and different statistic models broadened my horizons, and equipped me with a new skill set for futher exploration of my research interests."

Beyond participation in classroom sessions, all students had an opportunity to go on Gemma, the MBL's collecting boat, as well as participate in social and team-building activities.

congratulations to our 2014-2015 graduates!

Caitlin Orr
(Wicksteed lab)
"Analysis of Tissue Specific Enhancer Elements in the Pancreatic Alpha Cell"

Shane Regnier
(Sargis lab)
"Dietary and Developmental Exposure to the Fungicide Tolylfluanid Disrupts Global Energy Metabolism and Mice"
Post-graduation position: Medical Student, Pritzker School of Medicine, The University of Chicago

Christopher Carmean
(Brady Lab)
"Regulation of Brown Fat Glycogen Storage in Mice"
Post-graduation position: JE02 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Kove University, Susumo Seino lab

Brittney Coats
(Becker Lab)
"Metabolically Activated Macrophages in Obesity and Insulin Resistance"
Post-graduation position: Assistant Professor, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Paul Volden
(Brady/Conzen lab)
"Social Stress is Associated with Altered Mammary Adipocyte Metabolism in a Model of Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

Genetics of Complex Human Diseases

CMMN graduate student Jason Torres has been accepted to participate in the Genetics of Complex Human Diseases to be held June 12 - 19, 2014 at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Genetics of Complex Human Diseases

The Western Diet's Immune Impact

In June 2012, a team led by Eugene Chang published a study that linked the rise of inflammatory bowel disease to the spread of "Westernized" diets. The high level of saturated fats in foods eaten by modern Americans and Europeans disrupt the bacgterial ecosystem in the gut an dcan lead to IBD and other immune disorders.