Committee on Immunology News

Congratulations Jennifer Jacobsen

On May 11, 2017 Jennifer successfully defended her dissertation, entitled "EZH2 regulates the pre-antigen receptor checkpoint and B-2 lineage commitment."  Well done Jennifer!

Congratulations Isabel Ishizuka

On January 31, 2017 Isabel successfully defended his dissertation, entitled "Stages and Transcriptional Regulation of Innate Lymphoid Cell Development” Well Done Isabel!

Graduating Students from the Committee on Immunology , Joanna Wroblewska (left) and Taylor Feehley (right) stand with faculty member, Cathy Nagler (middle) at the Division of Biological Sciences and Prtizker School of Medicines 527th Convocation held on June 11th.   

Congratulations to Sophiya Karki

On September 9, 2016 Sophiya successfully defended her dissertation, entitled “Stochastic capture of chromatin topological domains by nuclear matrix bound RNA polymerase II determines Vk monogenic choice."  Well done Sophiya.

Congratulations to Kevin Muite

On Thursday, June 16th Kevin successfully defended his dissertation entitled, "Lymphotoxin beta receptor regulates bacterial overgrowth and colonization resistance in the small intestine."

Congratulations to Joanna Wroblewska

On Tuesday, April 19th Joanna successfully defended her dissertation entitled "The lymphotoxin pathway mediates protective immunity againsta a bacterial pathogen."    Upon graduation she will be working at Boston Consulting Group in the Chicago Office.

Congratulations to Katie Block

Katies paper "Gut Microbiota Regulates K/BxN Autoimmune Arthritis through Follicular Helper T but Not Th17 Cells" has been published in the Journal of Immunology.

Congratulations to Taylor Feehley

On Friday, January 15th Taylor Feehley successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Commensal bacteria and their metabolites prevent sensitization to food allergens." Upon Graduation Taylor will be a post doc in Cathy Nagler's lab at the University of Chicago.   

Congratulations to Taylor Feehley

Taylor Feehley has been recognized by Forbes list of "30 under 30" for oustanding achievement in science!  Taylor was also featured in Science Life article, "Rising starin microbiome research focuses on basics in the lab."  on February 2.

Congratulations to Michael Burrows

On Tuesday, Nov. 3rd Michael Burrows successfully defended his dissertation entitled "The Microbiota Regulates Type 1 Diabetes Through Toll-like Receptor Signaling".  Upon graduation Michael will be working in biotech investing helping to create companies around novel discoveries in immunology.

Immunology Retreat

October 28-30, 2015 the Immunology programs at the University of Chicago and Washington University, St. Louis, met at the Marriott in Bloomington-Normal, IL for a scientifice retreat.  The schedule consisted of scientific talks (with keynotes by Albert Bendelac and Emil Unanue), poster sessions, and social activities.  The programs plan to make this a regular event in alternating years.  See pictures below.


Congratulations to Katie Block

On Monday, October 26th Katie Block successfully defended her dissertation entitled "“The Role of Tfh Cells, Th17 Cells, and the Gut Microbiota in Autoimmune Arthritis”.  Upon graduation Katie will be doing work as a postdoc.