Committee on Immunology Curriculum

  • Immunology Curriculum

    The Immunology curriculum is designed to give students broad exposure to the field of immunology, while still allowing for specialization in areas of interest. Details are below.

The Committee on Immunology offers a graduate program of study leading to a Ph.D. in Immunology. The committee is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas among scholars of all fields, a commitment enhanced by an organizational structure that completely integrates the basic biological sciences with the clinical sciences. This multidisciplinary and integrated approach corresponds well with the reality of the new biology, where molecular and structural techniques are applied widely and with great success to clinical problems. 

Students have extensive opportunities for interaction with the rest of the Biomedical Sciences Cluster, along with the three other clusters within the Biological Sciences Division: the Molecular Biosciences Cluster, the Darwinian Sciences Cluster, and the Neuroscience Cluster. These clusters offer courses and sponsor seminars and symposia open to Immunology students.