Committee on Cancer Biology Current Students

  • Committee on Cancer Biology Current Students

    Students in the Cancer Biology program come from a variety of backgrounds and pursue a wide range of research interests relevant to the Cancer Biology field

Stephen Arnovitz

Northwestern University 

Matriculated: 2015

Hannah Brechka

                                                     B.A., Skidmore College (2012)

Matriculated:  2012
Thesis Advisor:  Don Vander Griend

Thesis Topic: "Alterations in the Binding of Meis Proteins
to HoxB13 or to DNA to Promote Cancer Progression"

Eric Bueter

B.S. Wake Forest University

Matriculated 2016
Thesis Adviosr: Russell Szmulewitz

John (Zhongyang) Cao


B.A., Vanderbilt University (2013)

Matriculated:  2013
Thesis Advisor:  Lucy Godley

Thesis Topic: Regulation of 5-hmC distribution through TET2
in erythropoiesis"

Chang Cui

Pennsylvania State University

atriculated: 2015
Thesis Advisor:  Lev Becker

Anna Dembo


B.S., University of California at Los Angeles (2010)

Matriculated:  2012
Thesis Advisor:  Geof Greene

Thesis Topic: "Reducing Breast Cancer Risk with Hormone
Replacement Therapy"

Kyle Delaney

M.S., University of Chicago (2017)
B.A., University of Virginia (2011)

Matriculated: 2014
Thesis Advisor: Yingming Zhao

Larischa de Wet

McGill University 

atriculated: 2015
Thesis Advisor: Don Vander Griend

Nesli Dolcen

Bates College

Matriculated: 2015
Thesis Advisor: Suzanne Conzen

Jessica Fessler

                Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Matriculated: 2015
Thesis Advisor: Thomas Gajewski

Robert Gruener

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Matricluated 2015
Thesis Advisor: Stephanie Huang & Geoffrey Greene

Mesmer (Yanran) He

                                              B.S., China Agricultural University (2012)

Matriculated:  2012
Thesis Advisor:  Hans Schreiber

Thesis Topic: "T cell therapy for established cancers by 
targeting autochthonous cancer-specific antigens"

Brendan Horton

                                                                                                                                                                        B.A., Boston University (2009)

Matriculated:  2009
Thesis Advisor:  Tom Gajewski

Thesis Topic: "Combination Immunotherapy with an Agonistic 4-1BB Antibody Increases Tumor Reactive T Cells in the Tumor Periphery"

Molly Imgruet

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Matriculated 2016
Thesis Advisor: Megan McNerney

Manisha Krishnan

Worcester Polytechnic (WPI)

Matriculated 2016

Cynthia (Yuanyuan) Li

                                                       B.S., South-Central University for Nationalities (2008)
M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology (2010)

Matriculated:  2013
Thesis Advisor:  Xiaoyang Wu

Thesis Topic: "The Role of KDF1 and IKKα in Keratinocyte

Yue Liu

Tsinghua University

atriculated 2016

Alex Ling

                             B.S., Northern Michigna University (2012)

Matriculated: 2014
Thesis Advisor: Ken Onel & Stephanie Huang

Lindsey Ludwig

                                                                                 B.S., University of Northern Iowa (2013)

Matriculated:  2013
Thesis Advisor:  James LaBelle

Thesis Topic: "BCL-2 Family Dependence and Modulation in Regulatory T cells"

Julian Lutze

BS University of California, Los Angeles

atricluated 2016

Katrina Maxcy

A.B. Princeton University

atriculated 2016
Thesis Advisor: James LaBelle

Mathew Perez-Neut


University of Illinois at Chicago 

Matriculated: 2015
Thesis Advisor: Yingming Zhao

Logan Poole

                       M.S., University of Chicago (2017)
B.S., University of Northern Iowa (2014)

Matriculated: 2014
Thesis Advisor: Kay Macleod


Jillian Rosenberg

B.S. Tulane University

atriculated 2016

Ashley Sample

                                                                                          B.S., Michigan State University (2013)

Matriculated:  2013
Thesis Advisor:  Yu-Ying He

Thesis Topic: "Autophagy-Independent Regulation and Function of p62 in Skin Cancer Progression"

Rebecca Sturey

Gannon University 

Matriculated: 2015
Thesis Advisor: Marsha Rosner


Sriram Sundaravel

                                                       B.Tech., Government College of Technology (2009)
M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology (2012)

Matriculated: 2014
Thesis Advisor: Amittha Wickrema

Payal Tiwari

                                                                                                                             B.A., Deenbandhu Chhoturam University (2008)
M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology (2011)

Matriculated:  2012
Thesis Advisor:  Marsha Rosner

Thesis Topic: "Metabolically activated macrophages: a novel link between obesity and TNBC"

Matthew Trendowski

B.S. Syracuse University

atriculated 2016

Sravya Tumuluru

M.S. Rush University
B.A. Northwestern University

atriculated 2016

William Wagstaff

B.A. Stanford University (2012)
M.A. Stanford University (2013)

atriculated 2016
Thesis Advisor:  TBA

Dongbo (Peter) Yang

B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

atriculated: 2016
Thesis Advisor:

Ali Yesilkanal

                                                                   B.A., University of Chicago (2012)

Matriculated:  2012
Thesis Advisor:  Marsha Rosner

Thesis Topic: "Regulation of TNBC kinome by the metastasis 
suppressor Raf Kinase Inhibitory Protein (RKIP)"

Maya Springer

                                            B.S., Depaul University (2010)

Matriculated:  2013
Thesis Advisor:  Kay Macleod

Thesis Topic: "Nuclear Functions of BNIP3 in Pancreatic Cancer"

Calvin VanOpstall

Calvin College 

Matricluated: 2015
Thesis Advisor: Don Vander Griend

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