The Committee on Immunology would like to recognize the achievements of the following faculty

Dr. Sam Hwang
Seungmin “Sam” Hwang, Ph.D. received
the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award ,
which supports High-Risk, High-Reward Research
programs to tackle major challenges
in biomedical research. His research
group has been studying the function of
autophagy proteins in recognizing and
disrupting the vacuole-like shelters of
intracellular pathogens. The award
allows his team to explore the role of this
Targeting by AutophaGy proteins (TAG)
process in the initiation of antitumor immunity.  

Dr. Erin Adams Joseph Regenstein Professor
Dr. Thomas Gajewski AbbVie Foundation Professor
Dr. Bana Jabri Llewyn John and Harriet Manchester Quantrell Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Students
Dr. Cathryn Nagler Distinguished Faculty Award in the category of Distinguished Leader in Program Innovation
Dr. Anne Sperling Congratulations to Dr. Anne Sperling on her promotion to Professor, Department of Medicine - Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care

From the lab of Seungmin Hwang

Scott Biering a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Seungmin Hwang was the 2017 recipient of the Robert E. Priest Fellowship Award that was established by the Department of Pahtology in 2001 to support outstanding research by a graduate Student, in their final 12-18 months of their program, in the lab of a faculty member in the Dept. of Pathology.  The $5000 award is to be used for academic enrichment such as trave to a meeting or to attend educational courses.  Congratulations to Scott.